Over the last half century we’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about thermal controls. Periodically we use some of this information to create whitepapers we think will be helpful to Design Engineers looking for better circuit safety ideas.

Derating For Real World Conditions

Allowing for desired safety margins when selecting components of an electrical circuit requires close attention to how each component will react to real world conditions, both ambient and circuit-related.


Design Considerations for Thermal Controls

Customization is key to optimum performance

The ambient environment surrounding a thermal control can have a big effect on how the device operates. No two application environments are exactly alike, even though the applications may share a similar function. The materials used for an appliance as well as many other design considerations vary from product to product.


The Importance of Reliability In Thermal Controls for Medical Equipment

This Whitepaper touches on ways to build more reliability into essential equipment used in hospitals, assisted living facilities and medical clinics. Acknowledging the dire results from catastrophic failure in these products, this paper shows ways to build reliability in the devices used to provide safety or control in the electrical circuits that power medical equipment.


Things Every Heat Pump Manufacturer Should Know About Thermal Controls

Believe it or not, the recent pandemic turned out to be an effective tool in the fight against climate change. Apparently, a number of scientists with time on their hands decided to solve the problem heat pumps often encountered in cold weather. As a result heat pump sales have skyrocketed and become a valuable tool in the effort to lower fossil fuel emissions. Its a good thing they worked on these problems because new governmental standards and regulations have been difficult to meet using more traditional furnace and air-conditioner-based HVAC systems.