This category covers use of our thermal controls in all type of lighting applications. This includes ballasts, recessed lights, and transformers used in all types of lighting.

Model Type Contact Ratings *
-A2 & -AA2 Creep Action 5 Amps/120 VAC
F Series Snap Action 12 Amps/120 VAC
8 Amps/240 VAC
FC Series Snap Action 12 Amps/125 VAC
8 Amps/250 VAC
J Series Snap Action 15 Amps/120 VAC;
10 Amps/240 VAC
JC Series Snap Action 22 Amps/115 VAC
8 Amps/250 VAC
J(S) Snap Action ** 15 Amps/120 VAC
13 Amps/240 VAC
J-2 Snap Action 15 Amps/120 VAC
ST01 Snap Action 5 Amps/250 VAC
W Series Snap Action 20 Amps/120 VAC
10 Amps/240 VAC


** See individual data sheets for additional information and links to a complete listing of contact ratings.