Models KO, KS, CO & CS

Metric Dimensions are shown in mm (Shown in green)
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1/2″ disc thermostats with quick make/quick break switching action will automatically reset at preset temperature.  Available with normally closed (open on temperature rise) or normally open (close on temperature rise) contact configurations.  These devices are available with a variety of terminal configurations, mounting flanges, as well as factory appliced lead wires customized to fit the needs of your application.


Models KO & KS

  • These models have a plastic external housing.
  • Available with nominal calibration temperature range of -20ºC to 195ºC.  Other temperatures upon request.

Models CO & CS

  • These models have a ceramic external housing.
  • Available with nominal calibration temperature range of -5ºC to 200ºC.  Other temperatures upon request.

Standard Differential

  • The standard temperature differential between the opening and closing temperature is up to 40ºC.  Tighter differentials available upon request.

Contact Ratings

Models KO & KS

15 amps 120 VAC resistive

10 amps 240 VAC resistive


10 amps 250 VAC 100,000 cycles

16 amps 250 VAC 10,000 cycles

Models CO & CS

16 amps 250 VAC, 10,00 cycles

Standard Marking System

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