Models KB & CB

Metric Dimensions are shown in mm (Shown in green)
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1/2″ disc thermostats with manually activated reset.  Quick make/quick break switching action. An electrically isolated bimetal disc is used to either open the circuit current.   These devices are available with a variety of terminal configurations, mounting flanges, as well as factory appliced lead wires customized to fit the needs of your application.


  • Available with either a plastic (Model KB) or ceramic (Model CB) housing.
  • Available with nominal calibration temperatures of -35ºC to 200ºC.  Other temperatures available upon request.

Manual Reset

Thermostats must be manually reset once activated.

Contact Ratings

Model KB


  • 16 amps 250 VAC, 6,000 cycles


  • 10 amps 250 VAC 3,000 cycles
  • 16 amps 250 VAC 1,000 cycles

Model CB


  • 16 ampls 250 VAC 10,000 cycles
  • 16 amps 400 VAC 1,000 cycles

Standard Marking System

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