Model J (SC)

Metric Dimensions are shown in mm (Shown in green)
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Portage Electric is offering a new addition to the Valstat Series™ of thermal controls. The new series is a line of self-hold thermal protectors designed as a cost effective solution for thermal protection of motor, transformer, lighting, and appliance applications

In a fault condition, the Model JSC opens the electrical circuit and an integrated heat source prevents the thermal protector from re-closing until the power source is removed and the unit is allowed to cool. The thermal protector then resets allowing continued operation. Self-hold devices allow for the functionality of automatic reset devices with additional safety enhancements.


  • Snap action device for quick break switching action
  • Conductive bimetal construction; the bimetallic element carries the circuit current for maximum sensitivity under short circuit conditions
  • Available in two resistance values of the bimetal element
  • Preset calibration temperature; not adjustable in the field
  • Available with same end termination (JSCA) or opposite end termination (JSCB)
  • Case electrically alive, insulating sleeving is available
  • Available with various lead wires and termination. Please consult factory for options

Contact Ratings

  • Suitable for use in 120/240 volt AC Inductive Load Applications up to 1 HP

Calibration Range

  • Available with nominal calibration temperatures from 50°C to 150°C in increments of 5°C.
  • Standard tolerance is ± 5°C.

Ordering Information

  • Model JSCA-XXX, same end termination
  • Model JSCB-XXX, opposite end termination
  • Insulating sleeving along with various lead material and terminations are available. Please contact us for options.

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