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Portage Electric Products Inc. has business operations in seven countries and sells products all around the globe. Our products represent the most versatile line of miniaturized thermal controls available. These reliable thermostats and thermal controls are used in appliances, battery packs, heated devices, lighting and a wide range of applications where space is tight and reliability is important.

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What effect does placement have on thermal control performance.
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High-value Model 11MP Series thermal protectors offer the versatility PEPI® customers have become accustomed to with the smallest footprint among PEPI® controls designed for inductive loads. Read all the details

Valstat™ Series thermal controls combine limited design options with a stocking program to offer a cost effective solution for customers. Controls are designed for inductive loads. Read all the details

Four years after kicking off a global expansion strategy, significant investments in Mexico, Germany and China have moved Portage Electric Products to a new level. Read all the details.

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