Prototype Lab

How to turn your ideas into reality ... faster

Flexibility makes prototypes and pre-production orders part of the system rather than an intrusion
Handling special customer needs throws many finely-tuned manufacturing systems out of whack.  This makes it difficult for design engineers to get special attention when they need it most ... before a commitment to full production is made.

The Portage Electric Prototype Department was developed with this fact in mind.  The concept is simple.  Create a system capable of routinely handling special requests, quickly and reliably.  We have made this concept a reality by establishing a special manufacturing unit dedicated to one thing: making life easier for design engineers working to get projects off the ground.

At the heart of this unit is a group of employees with flexible skills.  They are skilled at all the critical processes required to bring a thermal control from idea to efficient production.  Hands-on engineering.  Calibration.  Assembly.  Testing.  In normal manufacturing environments these functions are handled separately.  Usually employees are only trained to perform one job well.

In the Portage Prototype Department each employee is trained to handle a job from start to finish.  There is no time spent scheduling work flow.  Coordination is minimal.  The only consideration is doing whatever it takes to get a job done right and on time.  Consequently we can normally give a three-day turn around on virtually any prototype order.  We can speed delivery on short-run, pre-production orders as well.

We know that critical decisions have to be made during any product development phase...when time is short and decisions are many.  The Portage Electric Prototype Department is the most customer-oriented solution in the industry.  One important reason more and more design engineers rely on Portage Electric when the heat is on.

Engineering with an understanding of both the possibilities and the realities
In a company founded by an engineer, it's no wonder engineering excellence is a driving force behind everything we do.  Prototype orders are often the first chance a customer has to experience this first-hand.

Technically-oriented sales representatives and our experienced in-house sales engineers help make a smooth transition from a potential customer's original concept to a product that can be affordably manufactured.

Over 38 years worth of thermal control experience lies behind everything we do.  Experience that helps design engineers find the most functionally-efficient and cost-effective solution.

From basic design considerations to lead wire configurations and selection of insulating materials, Portage Electric sales engineers have a wide variety of options to choose from and a wealth of experience to draw upon.

An eye toward efficient manufacturing
Portage Electric sales engineers are accustomed to dealing with manufacturing concerns.  Production costs are, therefore, an important consideration during the product design and development stages.

At Portage Electric, we have been able to develop specialized production units which incorporate various degrees of sophisticated automation.  This approach offers greater flexibility than is found in manufacturing operations designed strictly for exceptionally high-volume jobs.  This makes it easier for us to accommodate customized product solutions over a wide range of volume requirements.

In the Prototype Department, a variety of manufacturing concerns can be worked out before full production begins.  Here, in a controlled environment, problems concerning any phase of manufacturing and testing are exposed and solutions developed.

100% in-process testing
The most basic function of the Prototype Department is to individually test every thermal control for operating temperature specifications.  This insures no lost time and 100% usage when our parts arrive at your facility.

Specialized temperature measurement equipment allows us to test quickly and reliably for accurate calibration temperature and operational performance.  Samples are also tagged with actual operating temperatures to aid in testing.  In this manner prototype orders ship quickly rather than waiting to be run through a central test lab.

A commitment to timely solutions from people who know thermal controls
The watchword at Portage Electric has been improvement since 1963.  This means designing better products, developing better manufacturing methods, and finding better ways to serve our fast-growing customer base.

The Prototype Department is just one of the many commitments we have made to getting the right products in our customers' hands in a timely fashion.

It is a commitment to working closely with our customers to make sure they have the information and service they need to enable them to select the thermal control that will perform the most effectively and efficiently in their particular application.

A commitment to development of quality products that can be easily manufactured.  It is a commitment to helping our customers keep their product development plans on schedule.

It is the type of commitment you can expect from a supplier that has already developed an innovative line of thermal control products.  A supplier that is constantly working on ways to respond to what the market requires at reasonable prices.