Probe Thermostat

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Probe Thermostat

Schematic - Pin Diagram for Probe Thermostat

Metric Dimensions are shown in mm (Shown in green)
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Standard Marking System
Standard Marking System
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A wide variety of probe housings are avaialble using our 1/2" disc snap-action thermostats.   The brass or stainless steel probe housings are available in metric or US NPT threading and can be customized to meet the individual needs of your application.  Configurations include open on temperature rise, close on temperature rise and self-hold thermostats are also available.


  • Snap-action device for quick break switching action.
  • Customized brass or stainless steel probe houses in a variety of sizes.
  • Available with metric or US NPT threading
  • Preset calibration temperature; not adjustable in the field.
  • Configurations include open on temperature rise or close on temperature rise.
  • Available with quick connect terminals or factory applied lead wires.

Contact Ratings

  • Dependent upon the individual model control used inside of the probe.  Contact ratings up to:

       - 15 amps 120 VAC

       - 10 amps 240 VAC

       - 130 watts 50 VDC

Calibration Range

  • Available with nominal calibration temperatures from -5°C to 140°C.

UL Recognitions

CSA Certifications