Model J(S)

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Model J(S)

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A snap-action, self-hold thermostat for motor and appliance applications. In a fault condition, the Model JS opens the circuit and an internal heat source holds it in an open condition until power is removed, and the unit is allowed to cool. The thermostat then resets, allowing continued operation.


  • Snap-action device for quick break switching action.
  • Internal heat source provides a low profile design for better fit into tight spaces.
  • Self-hold functionality available for both 120 VAC and 240 VAC applications
  • Conductive bimetal construction; the bimetallic element carries the circuit current for maximum current sensitivity. Various resistances of bimetal available.
  • Preset calibration temperature; not adjustable in the field.
  • Case electrically alive; insulating sleeving available.
  • Available with or without factory applied lead wires

Contact Ratings

  • Underwriters Laboratories (C-UL Rated)
    • 15 amps 120 VAC 6,000 cycles
    • 10 amps 240 VAC 6,000 cycles
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
    • 13 amps 250 VAC resistive 10,000 cycles
    • 5 amps 250 VAC inductive 10,000 cycles
  • VDE
    • 13 amps 250 VAC resistive 10,000 cycles
    • 5 amps 250 VAC inductive 10,000 Cycles

Calibration Range

  • Available with nominal calibration temperatures from 60°C to 160°C.

UL Recognitions

CSA Certifications