Model J-2

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Model J-2

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Standard Marking System
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A snap action thermostat that functions like a non-resettable type control. This single operation thermostat performs like a thermal fuse with the reliability of a 100% tested bimetallic thermal control.


  • Conductive bimetal construction; the bimetallic element carries the circuit current for maximum current sensitivity under short circuit conditions.
  • Snap action device; quick make/quick break switching action.
  • Single operation type device.  The reset temperature is less than 0°C preventing the thermostat from resetting under normal operating conditions.
  • Case is electrically alive, insulation material is available.
  • Preset calibration temperature, not adjustable in the field.
  • Available with factory applied leads.

Contact Ratings

  • 15 amps/120 volts AC resistive
  • VDE certified

Calibration Range

  • Available with nominal calibration temperatures from 60°C to 160°C

UL Recognitions

CSA Certifications