What To Expect From Your Thermal Control Partner

If you need a bimetallic thermostat or thermal protector, we can partner with you to make sure you get the best device for your application. Send us your product for testing. We will customize one of our thermal controls to suit the exact needs of your application and provide you comprehensive test data from our advanced Engineering Lab. We can assist you in your determination to assure the safe, reliable operation of your product.

The Cost-Saving Advantages of Being Versatile

By having the ability to alter the operating characteristics of our thermal controls, we can expand the number of applications for which a particular thermal control is well-suited. In this manner we can take a limited number of devices and make them perform better on any application for which a bimetallic thermal control is the best choice. This leads to lower costs for thermal controls that are better suited to a particular application.

No two electrical products are exactly alike. Neither should the thermal controls best suited to each. By giving our customers the ability to customize the operating characteristics to the exact needs of each application, you can create products that are safer, more reliable and cheaper to produce. All you have to do is understand how the versatility of these devices can work to your advantage.