Heating Pads & Blankets

This category includes Pepi thermostats that have been specifically evaluated for use as in electric heating pads and blankets.  This includes endurance testing per the UL Standard 130 for a minimum of 100,000 cycles, or 1,000 hours of continuous cycling, whichever is greater.




Contact Ratings *

A & AA

Creep Action

2 Amps/125 VAC

A1 & AA1

Creep Action

1 Amp/125 VAC

-A2 & -AA2

Creep Action

5 Amps/125 VAC

C & CR

Creep Action

6 Amps/120 VAC


Creep Action

2 Amps/125 VAC


Snap Action

5 Amps/120 VAC
4 Amps/240 VAC


*See individual data sheets for additional information and links to a complete listing of contact ratings.