Customization Options

Custom Thermostat Options

Since every thermal control application is unique, we do not offer what is considered a “standard” product.  Instead we offer a number of thermal controls that can be customized using a wide range of options.  This allows you to specify precisely the thermal control that will provide the best combination of value and function in your application.  With PEPI® thermal controls you can specify:


1. Operating temperature  and the calibration tolerance.
2. Sensitivity of the bimetallic element.
3. Length and type of lead wires to simplify installation.
4. Insulation materials to isolate the device.
5. Configuration of a wiring harness or special mounting brackets or terminals.

Our renowned Prototype Lab is available to speed samples and provide engineering support.


To Obtain Samples: Complete the Sample Request Form

  Model Selection Assistance: Contact our Custom Thermal Control Sales Engineers
  Normal Sample Turnaround: 3-5 working days from date of your request.
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NOTE: We are happy to provide customer assistance and technical advice in a variety of areas.  We appreciate the opportunity to assist you and to better understand your needs; however, since Portage Electric Products, Inc. does not possess full access to data concerning all of the uses and applications of customer's products, we cannot assume any obligation or liability for information we provide or the results you might obtain.

Certain aspects should be taken into consideration when applying both creep and snap action devices.  Careful attention must be paid to input voltage, load currents, and the characteristics of the load.  Final design criteria should be based upon results of the testing of our devices in your application at your facility.