We have a unique ability to affordably customize thermal controls to better meet individual application needs.  This stems from our flexible manufacturing system that does not solely depend on large production runs to drive costs down.

Cut CostsCut Costs

Custom solutions like attached lead wires dramatically reduce overall production costs.  The cost of the thermal control is often insignificant compared to the costs involved in assembling it in your product.  Our engineering experience and manufacturing systems, plus our ability to source wire, attachments, and mounting hardware makes it possible to ship ready-to-assemble parts to your plant.


Add insulation sleeves, improve circuit sensitivity, wire together multiple sensing points.  There are a number of ways we can make thermal controls work better in your application.  You may need to isolate the device from ambient heat, or decrease the power draw on batteries.  Your application may also require extra safety precautions.  Over the last half century we have developed a wide range of solutions to make thermal controls work better in virtually any application.

Match NeedsMatch Needs

There may be a better way to reliably make or break a circuit in your products.  Perhaps a different bimetallic element would work better.  Or you may need epoxy potting, refined contacts or a thermal control harness to enhance the control you have over the complete circuit.  With Portage Electric’s experience and capabilities, virtually anything is possible.

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