Thermal Control Applications

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Appliance Applications
Many of our thermostats are used in what we consider as "small" or personal care appliance applications. Models listed under this section have maximum contact ratings of up to 20 amps/120 volts AC and 10 amps/240 AC. All current loads are resistive.
Suggested Models for: Appliance Thermostats

Automotive Applications
The thermal controls used for this application group consist of use of our products by automotive manufacturers, their subcontractors, or in aftermarket applications designed for use in motor vehicles.
Suggested Models for: Automotive Thermal Controls

Battery Pack Applications
This application group refers to rechargeable battery packs for all portable power applications. The thermal controls for this group either controls the charge rate of the battery packs or limits the current under short circuit conditions.
Suggested Models for: Battery Pack Protectors and Thermal Controls

Electronics Applications
This category consists of variety of applications. Most of our thermal controls used in these applications protect an overheat condition of a circuit board.
Suggested Models for: Electronic Thermal Controls

Heating Pads and Blankets
We define this application group as end products that the primary design function is to provide generation of heat for comfort purposes. Heating Pads and Blankets fall into this category. Our thermal controls are used to limit or regulate the temperature of these applications.
Suggested Models for: Heating Pad and Blanket Thermostats

Heater Applications
This group includes applications such as cartridge heaters, disc-type heaters, foil and silicone heaters. These are generally OEM products that are part of the "Bigger Picture," rather than stand-alone items.
Suggested Models for: Heater Thermostats

Lighting Applications
This category covers use of our thermal controls in all type of lighting applications. This includes ballasts, recessed lights, and transformers used in all types of lighting.
Suggested Models for: Lighting Thermal Controls

Motor Applications
This category covers the use of our thermal controls in all types of motor applications. Our devices are used in AC and DC motors that range from sub-fractional HP and above.
Suggested Models for: Motor Protectors and Thermal Controls

Temperature Sensor Applications
This category covers a wide variety of applications. Our controls are used to either monitor the temperature of a device, regulate the temperature of a device, or limit the temperature of a device. The thermal control usually does not carry the full current load in these applications.
Suggested Models for: Temperature Sensor Thermal Controls

Transformer Applications
Thermal controls in this category are used for the protection of the primary or secondary of a transformer coil or power supply. These controls normally operate on a combination of the increase in temperature and current in the application.
Suggested Models for: Transformer Protectors and Thermal Controls