Models KB & CB

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Models KB  & CB

Schematic - Pin Diagram for Models KB  & CB

Metric Dimensions are shown in mm (Shown in green)
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Standard Marking System
Standard Marking System
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1/2" disc thermostats with manually activated reset.  Quick make/quick break switching action. An electrically isolated bimetal disc is used to either open the circuit current.   These devices are available with a variety of terminal configurations, mounting flanges, as well as factory appliced lead wires customized to fit the needs of your application.


  • Available with either a plastic (Model KB) or ceramic (Model CB) housing.
  • Available with nominal calibration temperatures of -35ºC to 200ºC.  Other temperatures available upon request.

Manual Reset

Thermostats must be manually reset once activated.

Contact Ratings

Model KB


16 amps 250 VAC, 6,000 cycles


10 amps 250 VAC 3,000 cycles

16 amps 250 VAC 1,000 cycles

Model CB


16 ampls 250 VAC 10,000 cycles

16 amps 400 VAC 1,000 cycles

UL Recognitions

CSA Certifications